A database standard for geologic maps

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Version 1.1

Modern Geologic Maps require modern mapping methods.

Printed, paper maps have a place, but that place is in the field and on walls. Today, information is generated, manipulated and managed digitally.

Build a modern mapping workflow.

Interoperability Matters to both the mappers and the users.

Differences in cartography and data structures across mapping agencies is baffling not only to the public but to other geologists as well.

Help people use your maps.

Share Tools and make everyone's life easier.

The devil is always in the details, but in general we all do a whole lot of the same thing. As a community, we could stand to stop re-inventing the wheel at every chance we get.

A framework for developers to work with.

Get Started by downloading and populating a database.

We all use different software to make our maps, and different software to view them. The standard defines the content of our data, not the file format we choose to store it in. Download a blank database and give it a try: